Nevada Walker, PLLC secures dismissal of client for $100 after Plaintiffs allege damages of over $1.5m.

Nevada Walker, PLLC, represented a client that was sued because of a water leak and alleged misrepresentations made in the sale of a home in Washoe County, Nevada. The Plaintiffs alleged damages in excess of $1,500,000.00 against the Defendants in the case of Heinemann, et al. v. Braff, et al. case number CV18-00710.

Nevada Walker, PLLC served an Offer of Judgment in the amount of $100.00, which offer was accepted resulting in the dismissal of the client during discovery.



Nevada Walker, PLLC’s Motion to Dismiss granted after Plaintiff’s $600,000.00 demand.

Plaintiff claimed injuries in the amount of $600,000.00 from allegedly tripping and falling in a junk yard operating in Nye County, Nevada.  Plaintiff thereafter filed suit against the junkyard and individual owners in Briles v. Two Brothers Junk, LLC et al. case number CV39040.

Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. successfully argued the Motion to Dismiss and the Court granted the same for a complete defense of all Defendants.



Kirk Nevada Walker recognized by Lawyers with Distinction in The New York Times

Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. was named as a member of the Lawyers with Distinction in the August 15, 2019 print edition of The New York Times. The Lawyers with Distinction is an elite community of highly-accomplished attorneys that represent the best of the best and were either nominated by their peers or individually chosen by a selection committee.


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Court appoints Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. as Receiver

The Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada has appointed Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. as receiver in case A-15-723361-C. A court appoints a receiver to protect property controlled by a person or entity sued in a court case. The court typically recommends the appointment of a receiver in cases in which the court fears a company or an individual may dissipate or waste corporate property and assets. A receiver is a neutral third-party custodian for the property who is granted certain powers by the court. A receiver’s powers generally include taking legal control of and protecting assets, filing claims on behalf of an entity placed into a “receivership,” and, ultimately, distributing assets to defrauded investors, claimants or creditors through a court-approved plan. A receiver has a fiduciary duty to the company and the court, and typically has the discretion to marshal, manage and liquidate the receivership company’s assets, while accounting for all receipts and payments.


Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. again named “Legal Elite” by Nevada Business Magazine

Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. was again recognized in Nevada Business Magazine’s 2019 Legal Elite. The 2019 list includes the top 4% percent of attorneys in the state, according to editors. The magazine’s annual Legal Elite list highlights Nevada’s top attorneys as chosen by their peers.

Polling for the 2019 list began in February of this year, and nearly 6,400 nominations were collected from licensed attorneys throughout the state, according to Nevada Business Magazine.

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After receiving a $1.2 million demand, Nevada Walker, PLLC secures dismissal of two defendants for a collective $100

Nevada Walker, PLLC, represented two clients that were sued because of an automobile accident in the case of Kim vs. Mikes Auto Shack, et al. case no. A-18-769392-C. Plaintiff served an Offer of Judgment (demand for money) in the amount of One Million Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($1,250,000.00) upon the clients during discovery.

Both of Nevada Walker, PLLC’s clients were dismissed for $50.00 each, for a cumulative settlement amount totaling $100.00.


Nevada Walker, PLLC secures dismissal of client for $5,000 in $4 million case

Nevada Walker, PLLC represented its client in case no. A-17-757509-D in the matter of Paseo Verde Gibson Apts., LLC et al. v. Ovation Development Corporation. The litigation involved allegations of soil movement and defective construction that affected multiple apartment buildings in Clark County, Nevada. Repairs were made by Plaintiff to stabilize the apartments and correct the soil beneath the same.

The client was a construction company responsible for compacting parts of the soils and for the construction of retaining walls at the litigated property.

Six defendants paid a total of $4,005,000.00 to settle the litigation just prior to trial. $5,000.00 was paid on behalf of Nevada Walker, LLC’s client for a dismissal with prejudice. The remaining settlements ranged from as low as $150,000.00 to as high as $1,350,000.00.

District Court Judge Describes Briefing as “Superb”

Kirk Walker of Nevada Walker, PLLC, represented a client at an evidentiary hearing in the matter of case A-14-701524-C, where he sought to recover monies owed to his client from Anniversary Mining Claims, LLC. At the conclusion of the evidentiary hearing, Mr. Walker was successful in obtaining all of the damages his client requested in addition to attorney fees incurred.

Counsel for Anniversary Mining Claims, LLC, filed a Motion to Reconsider/and or Set Aside Judgment, which was thoroughly briefed by both parties. In the Court’s Order, the judge stated that “the briefing by Kirk Nevada Walker, Esq. in its pleadings was ‘superb’ “ and denied Anniversary Mining Claims, LLC’s Motion to Reconsider/and or Set Aside Judgment.